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Lunch Menue

croquette ¥130

minced meat cutlet ¥130

fried chicken      
one piece¥140
two pieces¥260
three pieces¥330

fried horse mackerel ¥160

chicken cutlet ¥160

cheese rolled with chicken cutlet

pork cutlet  ¥250

lever cutlet  ¥250

roast chicken flavored miso ¥250

potato salada  ¥250

rice and miso soup ¥300

shredded cabbage¥120

beef ramen flavored soy sauce ¥600

beef ramen flavored salt

beef ramen flavored miso

dipping noodle  ¥700


beef ramen miso

beef ramen salt

beef ramen soy sauce

Fukushima Gyu Ramen

We produce the Fukushima Gyu Ramen, wich is soup made not from the bone but from the meat of beef.It depends on the original method we developed as a butcher.The only butcher can use this method,if others try it, it will cost a lot and give up trying.
These reasons this ramen's soup is free from pork.If you avoid eating ramen for religious reasons, why not choose our ramen?We will serve you ramen without pork or with sliced beef.The former will cost you ¥500,the latter cost you ¥1600.

sliced beef ramen ¥1600

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