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Shirakawa  is a famous city for ramen noodle soup

There are about 100 numbers of ramen shops in Shirakawa city.

You can taste soy sauce and chicken flavor.

とみやま 正面

Days in the past

There had  been about ten ramen shops around Tomiyama meat shop in the 1980s.

They needed several meats for an ingredient of ramen noodle soup.They purchased meats at Tomiyama meat shop.

とみやま カウンター

Trend of the times

A number of people using  cars has been increasing.Then there have been shopping malls in a suburb.And many ramen shops have located their new shop near shopping malls because they can have a parking space widely.

At the same time ,some meat shops changed their selling style, others ceased their shop.Tomiyama meat shop focused on a category of hot deli.Now Tomiyama has kept on one's shop because Tomiyama has had a firm favor of people in this area.

A croquette is a small ball of minced meat with mashed potatoes used as a filling,covered in breadcrumbs and then fried in oil

When you make a ramen soy sauce noodle, you will take the same way of making croquettes at some point.
You will use pork,chicken and onion when you cook a ramen soy sauce.Croquettes contain these ingredients.
For this reason,you will smell ramen noodle soy sauce soup,if you enter  cooking room of croquettes with soy sauce.
You may find good croquettes, if you go to where it is famous for a ramen.

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