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Shirakawa  is the famous city of ramen noodle soup

There are about 100 numbers of ramen shops in Shirakawa City.

Most of them serve soy sauce with chicken soup.

とみやま 正面

Days in the past

In the 1980s, there were about ten ramen shops around Tomiyama Meat Shop .

They needed several kinds of meat for one ingredient of ramen noodle soup, so they bought meat from Tomiyama Meat Shop.

とみやま カウンター

Trend of the times

At the same time, some meat shops changed their selling style, others closed down their shop.
The way of our shop was to focus on a category of hot deli.Because there were few shops making hot deli by themselves.
Tomiyama has maintained this style until now.
But the number of people living near our shop has decread and their lifestyle has been changed. Half of Japanese may not use a meat shop like ours. Most Japanese are used to using a supermarket or a convenience store.

It tastes good when you eat a croquette dipped in the ramen soup.

We think about how people use our sales items.
Someone hesitates to enter the meat shop like Tomiyama shop.People may think they have to buy something and talk to a lot, or our products may be expensive. The style of our shop has been declining, so many people don't know how to use it.
But many people use the restaurant without hesitation, especially people who live in Shirakawa City are willing to use ramen shops.
Then we came up with the idea that we can make a ramen because we have all the ingredients of ramen.And we hit upon next idea that we can also open a beef barbecue restaurant because we know each meat well.
With these reasons,we have opened the restaurant where you can taste beef barbecue and ramen since last year(2023).
We also supply croquette at the restaurant "Tomiyama-Shokudou".It tastes good when you eat a croquette dipping in the ramen soup.

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