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About Fukushima-Gyu

beef round    ¥850

bone-less rib   ¥950

outside skirt  ¥1200

organ meat flavored miso

liver     ¥600

large intestine flavored miso
​          ¥600

 rumen flavored miso  ¥800

tongue      ¥920

wiener      ¥200

neck meat of chicken ¥550

Beef meat set No.1  ¥1200
round,bone-less rib and organ meat

Beef meat set No.2 ¥2200​round,bone-less rib,outside skirt and
organ meat

Beef meat set No.3 ¥3300
​round,bone-less rib,outside skirt,rib eye and organ meat

Tomiyama Set   ¥2500
​No.1 set and tongue,rice,miso-soup and spicy pikles

Tomiyama Hormon Set ¥1500
​organ meat flavored miso,pork organ miso-soup,rice,miso-soup and spicy pikles


  tongue 920

bone-less rib 950

Tomiyama Set 2500


outside skirt 1200

organ meat flavored miso


large intestin flavored miso


Fukushima-Gyu is produced in pref.Fukushima

Many agricultural products have been produced in Fukushima Prefecture.
As the earth of Fukushima has a great power,there are good rices and various fruits growing.Following these reasons,beefs growing in Fukushima have a high quality of taste.For the responsibility of each product,JA which is producer of beefs has operated the system of its distribution.

Fukushima Gyu got a Grand Prix on Japanese beef contest twice in these years.So many people has been recognizing about Fukushima Gyu in these days.

 After the disaster of the earthquake in 2011 and radioactive pollution involved in the explosion of the nuclear power plant,Japan has been severely checking about the radioactive pollution on agricultural products severely.So polluted products never come to the market.

We like Fukushima-Gyu

A reporter interviews with the chef of the Tomiyama restaurant,who seems to like the Fukushima Gyu very much.
Q."Why do you choose the Fukushima Gyu?There are many kinds of beef in Japan,such as Yonezawa Gyu,Sendai Gyu,or Matusaka Gyu,aren't there?"
A."First of all,because I am a man who was born and spent my life in this place,Fukushima.
Second,I had many opportunities to visit cities like Yonezawa,Sendai,Mie,Hyogo,Gifu,and Shiga,where the famous brand beefs were,and I took them.And then I realized that Fukushima Gyu was as good as that of the big brand beefs. 
Because I wanted many people to know the Fukushima Gyu,I decided to open the restaurant where you could take Fukushima gyu easily."
Q."What are  the attractive points of the Fukushima Gyu?"
A."Well,you didn't know about it,did you?Most Japanese don't know about it,which makes the Fukushima Gyu attractive.And that is the big problem.
The biggest brands like Matsusaka Beef or Kobe Beef and so on spend a lot of money on advertising,and that cost is reflected in their price. 
The Fukushima Gyu lacks of the power of a advertising,but it spends money to improve of the quality of its meat.
And the nuclear power plant disaster has affected in all around field of Japan especially in Fukushima since then.This is the second reason why Fukushima Gyu is less expensive than other brand beef.
Now,we can conclude that the knowing the Fukushima Gyu makes you have a good chance to get high quality beef at reasonable price.
And more,the Fukushima Gyu has the big sponsor which is JA.If JA put power into promoting it,a lot of Japanese probably know the values of the Fukushima Gyu.The more people want to get it,the higher the price of it will go up.The time when we can get the Fukushima Gyu easily is maybe just now.These things attract me,too."
Q."Could you tell me the checking point when I choose the Fukushima Gyu?"A."Sometimes the quality of the Fukushima Gyu can be quite different.It is caused by the concerned wholesale.
You may be confused to see that there are many types of  the Fukushima Gyu labeled Class A4 or Class A5.Your sense of what looks delicious will make you a good choice.Seeing and comparing each meat so many times will lead you the right way."
Q.Do you have any recommendations about your store or the Fukushima Gyu?
A.Well,you can do the Fukushima Gyu berbecue and have ramens which uses meat of Fukushima Gyu and croquette,minced meat cutlet.You can also get Fukushima Gyu Don,cup of soup and curry at the Meat & Deli Tomiyama store.You may find the new aspect of Fukushima Gyu.

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